Microbiologically pure water


   For a few years, major water bottling companies appear in media with advertisements that promote water without nitrates or with a very small amount of them. What are nitrates and why are so discussed? Nitrates are chemical compounds that are emerging with the mineralization of organic nitrogen from animals and plants. For plants, the nitrates are good, but in natural doses, when human intervenes and add a large dose of fertilizer, remains a surplus leaking into the groundwater, reaching the lakes and rivers, so finally it’s get in our drinking water.


   When nitrates enter the human body, there are numerous adverse effects, the problems with the intestinal flora and more serious problems, such as cancer. This is why it is recommended that baby food is prepared with bottled water. Another thing to bear in mind is that nitrates do not disappear by boiling, on the contrary, they increase the concentration and the water becomes toxic. The bottled water should not be boiled, as it is already microbiologically pure water and the boiling process would destroy the mineral balance. It is also very important to know that the microbiologically pure water  must be protected against frost, because during this process, minerals are lost and the calcium precipitates. Another important thing that we must consider when we talk about microbiologically pure water,  is not to be kept in the sun because it lose its microbiological properties and may develop flora.

   Microbiologically pure water can be used in cosmetic and hygienic purposes. For example, did you know that it is better to wash your face with bottled water, physiologic serum or anything but tap water? Make this test for two weeks and left the skin to self dry  without wipe it with a towel (in this way, germs are not spread from one place to another of the face). You will notice that acne problems is easily, but surely solved. You can also use microbiologically pure water for nasal saline irrigation. You need water, salt and a neti pot, a vessel originary from India, specially built to perform nasal irrigation. You should do this procedure if you suffer from sinusitis, migraines and other respiratory problems. It is not difficult to perform a procedure like this, you can do it in the comfort of your own home, and it will be easier after you read the menu items “About Neti Pot”. There you will learn about the benefits of using a neti pot, how to use and especially when.

    Returning to microbiologically pure water, I had to add that bottled water is not necessarily any microbiologically pure. When you are in the store, carefully check the bottle label and choose the product with the lowest number of nitrates and sulfates or if you find, 0 such compounds.