Distilled water for neti pot

As we know, water is the vital liquid to our existence on this planet. Lately, it has become quite difficult to find water to our needs and not to endanger our health, because of high nitrate existent in its composition. A main cause that led to the infestation of water is the agriculture, practiced intensivly with pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. All these substances get into the ground and finally sneaks into groundwater, so that the water that we have so much need, becomes unhealthy.

   There are different types of water, each with its purpose of use. The most frequently encountered is drinking water, also known as potable water, meaning that one meant for drinking. It is safe for human consumption and normally does not contain ingredients other than the safe, such as fluoride. Another type of water more often used is distilled water , known as purified water. It passed through a filtration process to be removed minerals and potential contaminants. In most cases, distilled water is used for household appliances and is not recommended for human consumption, precisely because it lacks minerals.


   One important thing to know about it, is that distilled water is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry and the medical field, because it is a powerful solvent and neutral in chemical terms, and is not interacting with other substances. How can we use distilled water, and where? We can use it in our daily hygiene and beyond. If you are one of those who suffer from sinusitis, migraines or simply want to adopt a healthier lifestyle, you can choose to use a neti pot, a vessel designed specifically to help you with saline nasal irrigation.

    To use it, you need distilled water and non processed salt. Suitable amounts in such a way that the salt of the resulting solution does not exceed the salinity of blood. Then all you have to do, is to use neti pot. To see how it is used, how it works and what is the benefits of neti, I invite you to look in the section “About Neti Pot”. You will discover that a vessel with an odd shape, a little salt and a little distilled water can help you get rid of the respiratory system health problems or simply can contribute on your daily hygiene routine.

   As I said, distilled water has a supreme advantage, namely that it does not contain heavy metals, pesticides and chlorine. However, distilled water should not be confused with drinking water, because in the distillation process, were lost a lot of minerals beneficial to the human body. In conclusion, you can use distilled water  in different household activities, preparation of the solution for neti pot but when it comes to drink, choose  bottled alkaline water,  but on this issue we will discuss in another article.