Water for injections

We’ve all heard of water for injections, is the substance that is used in drug injections, because it is one of the solutions that our body supports very well. About water for injections we can say that it’s made up of sodium chloride and distilled water and has many uses. In addition to medical uses, this water can be used in our daily hygiene, we can clean our eyes and nose with it. It’s recommended to  put water for injections on a cotton pad and wipe our eyes with it. About it, you should know that it’s used in breast implants, and has the major advantage that if an implant breaks, the water is absorbed by the body and excreted in the urine, which does not lead to severe complications.



     Water for injections is used in nasal hygiene, whether it’s used alone or in the preparation of saline solution for neti pot. Neti, is a pot with a special form, originating in India and is used in nasal irrigation with saline solution. Over the time, numerous benefits of this procedure were shown and today still helps to treat diseases of those who are suffering from sinusitis or migraines. Using a neti pot is quite simple, you need water for inections (you can replace it with microbiologically pure water or distilled water), unprocessed salt and of course, the neti pot. You need to prepare the saline solution so that salinity does not exceed the salinity of the blood. For more information, you can access the section “About Neti Pot”, you’ll find there information on how to use it, when to use it and what are the benefits of this technique.

Now that we know how to uses water for injections, we can only determine when and under what conditions we will use, be it caring for a baby, the preparation of a medicament or simply for personal hygiene. It is cheap and handy and has more benefits than we imagine. For example, if you are one of the millions of people who face problems due to acne, try to avoid washing the face with tap water, for two to or three weeks. When you wake up in the morning, put water for injections on a cotton pad and dusted lightly on the skin, and avoid as much as possible to wipe your face with the towel. Healthier it is to leave the face to dry naturally because when you use the towel, you are spredding the infection from one place of the face to another.

As a conclusion, we can say that water for injections should become a customary element in our homes, whether we choose to use it for medical, cosmetic and hygiene everyday. If you choose to use a neti pot and water for injections,  to prepare the saline solution for neti, just make sure to follow all the information from articles on the menu “About Neti Pot” .