The detox therapy


      Detox diets have become a trend nowadays. Detoxification is on everyone’s mind but few people know that we should not adjunct to diet because they are different things. While diet should keep it to lose several kilograms, detoxification is made to halp our metabolism rest for a while, give it a break from all that means energy consumed with digestion. Our body consumes 70-80% of the energy available to metabolize nutrients that we give it. In a detoxification treatment, the energy is used for other purposes. It is unhealthy and not recommended, to think about detoxification as a lifestyle and not as a brief treatment. In a detox diet we can normalize some biological constants, a kind of restart of our body.

    Usually, detox is done twice a year, in spring and autumn, exactly at the times when our metabolism changes completely. Today, if we plan to do a detox treatment, it would be better to avoid possible excesses and not push a useful thing to extreme, as this may make us more harm than good. A clean healthy body detoxification should provide about 500 calories each day. A detoxification treatment may include various techniques designed to contribute to general well-being of the body. For example, you can choose to use a neti pot, a small vessel used to nasal saline irrigation. How neti pot can help us? First, it helps us have a better breathing, leading to a better muscle tone. Neti pot helps you to get rid of apnea, a stuffy nose, breathing cumbersome nuisance and can improve symptoms of asthma and even get rid of migraines. Basically, during a detox treatment, should not only pay attention to what you eat, but also that your body receives oxygen for optimum performance. That’s what neti pot is doing, washing your nasal passages and ensure that breathing is working at full capacity. If you want to know more benefits of using this procedure and in particular to see how to use it, go to the menu, About Neti Pot.

     Turning now to detox diet, we will recall some of its benefits, including balancing mental, physical and emotional, improve digestion, metabolism and circulation, and also, improving skin appearance. It is very important to understand that detoxification is not just about giving up at products that contain animal protein or keeping a fasting period, because that is very wrong. Do not give up on pork pate for vegetable margarine because you’ll give yo your body more toxins than during a normal regime. When we take a detox diet, we should consume more nettles, wild garlic, dandelion, sorrel, spinach, artichokes and other green plants with important biological properties.


     Whatever time of year you choose to do a detox treatment, do not forget to use the neti pot and to make sure that besides the fact that you get rid of toxins, your body receives the necessary oxygen.