Stuffy nose and breathing problems – solutions?

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      Pollution, seasonal colds, sinusitis, allergies, flu and respiratory infections, all leading to discomfort in the nose, known to us as the stuffy nose. When we have a stuffy nose, there is a risk to occur and the feeling of blocked ears and then we can deal with impaired hearing. It is also known that the sense of smell influences the taste, ie, nasal congestion, runny nose ie, may also cause changes in taste.

    They say a problem comes not only her again, very probably as near runny nose and itching to experience nasal, modification and loss of smell, pain and auricular pressure, headaches and even sleep disorders. In conclusion, a stuffy nose can create many, many problems.

    When should I become anxious because of nasal congestion? Well, when it does occur after a cold, the flu or allergies and is attributed to more serious problems, such as, for example, dilation of blood vessels in the nose. This can be caused by drugs, alcohol, hypothyroidism, dependence decongestant sprays or emotional stress. If in addition stuffy and experienced fainting, confusion, disorientation, unresponsiveness, persistent cough that leads to the elimination of sputum green or brown, breathing zgomotasă or bruising of the face, you should go to a doctor because the problem can be serious.

    However, if your problems are not so serious and are dealing only with a runny nose, it would be advisable to opt for a period to nasal sprays and try a more natural Varina, irrigation with saline. This is an old technique used by Indians not only in case of medical problems, but also in everyday hygiene. To perform this procedure, you need a neti pot, a small vessel with ergonomic shape designed specifically to irrigate nasal passages with ease. Neti pot is helpful not only for people who frequently deal with a stuffy nose, but also those suffering from asthma, headaches and flu. You can choose to use the neti pot and detox diets, because it ensures better breathing and optimal oxygenation of the body.


   To prepare the brine and to better understand how this neti pot, I invite you to read the articles under the heading “About neti pot”. Once you have prepared the solution, you can perform the procedure once or twice until you feel stuffy nose gradually disappears. Careful, however, as between the two uses, the nose is dry and clean debris from previous use water. Irrigating the nose with saline solution proved to be the most effective way to replace nasal drops, which basically are prepared all water-based salt, but have the composition and chemicals that may be harmful or addictive.