Sinusitis, belongs to the category of diseases that can give us many headaches and untreated, lead to unwanted complications. What is it and how we treat it? Sinusitis is the inflammation of the paranasal sinuses and occurs due to viruses, bacteria or even allergies. The most common form is the maxillary sinusitis, which causes pain in the jaw, toothache and headaches. In general, whether we are talking about frontal, ethmoid or sphenoid sinusitis, all are involving unbearable headaches.

How do we know if we suffer from sinusitis? What are the symptoms? First, if you experience nasal blockage, facial pain, toothache, fever and runny dense yellow or green, it is very likely to have sinusitis.

It is important to understand that treatment for sinusitis is given depending on its type, acute or chronic. The acute sinusitis is manifested as an infection of the upper respiratory tract and is often viral. Chronic sinusitis brings more complications and is resulting from other medical problems such as allergies or asthma. If you want to opt for a natural treatment for sinusitis, you can use a neti pot. That it originates in India and is used to irrigate the nose with saline solution. To learn how to use it and how to prepare the saline solution, I invite you to read the article „How neti pot works?” from the menu „About Neti Pot”.

If you are someone who prefer natural remedies, it is best to add to your treatment of sinusitis a neti pot. Several studies performed at prestigious universities from the medical field, have shown that nasal irrigation with saline solution, performed daily for at least six months, it’s leading to a visible decrease respiratory problems.

We all know Dr. Oz, I don’t think it needs a detailed presentation because is a worldwide name. Well, Dr Oz is responsible for the rise of nasal irrigation with neti pot, after he presented the neti pot,  on the famous Oprah show. He is the one who came up with a long series of benefits of using this procedure, including the relief of symptoms of chronic or acute sinusitis. At the end of the article, you’ll find the video with Dr Oz and you’ll probably understand more about it.

If you experience frequent sinusitis, try using a neti pot as natural treatment. Use it at least six months. Throughout this period you can note the problems and sinusitis symptoms that you put them throughout the day. You will find that of the end of those six months, the symptoms will be fewer or will disappear. In other words, using a neti pot, is a natural remedy for sinusitis and is a cheaper and healthier.