Migrains – how to treat it without drugs

    When occurs, migraines come with an arsenal of symptoms and discomfort, as if prepared to make life a torment. You know you have a migraine when your pain is a throbbing and severe headache, and besides, you have to deal with vomiting, nausea and sensitivity to light. Statistics show that 20% of women suffer from migraines as opposed to only 6%, the percentage of men.


     Untreated, migraines can evolve as symptomatology, reaching slurred speech, double vision, ringing in the ears and even visual disturbances. The causes giving rise to this terrible pain, are still unknown, although experts believe it is a mixture of environmental and genetic factors. It is also very important to mention that a poor diet and excessive alcohol consumption can trigger the occurrence of migraine. With age, migraines become rarer and decrease in intensity.

    To get rid of migraine, you can choose medication or alternative therapy. The most famous natural treatment for migraine, is acupuncture or acupressure, but is recommended to be done only by specialists. You can also choose from a variety of teas such as ginger, basil, thyme or lime or just massage your temples with essential oils such as basil.


    Another major cause of migraine is insufficient oxygenation of the body and especially of the the brain. A poor breathing, will lead to an insufficient amount of oxygen transport in the body, and that it’s manifested most often by severe headaches. If this is the cause of your headaches, then I tell you that you have the solution, use a neti pot. Neti is a pot which comes from India and is used for daily hygiene of the people, because it helps to clean the nasal passages, by irrigating with saline solution. It can be used in case of allergies or asthma, recommended by important centers, with the resonant name in medical research.

     When you have problems with migraines and want to follow a natural treatment, you can choose to use neti pot for a period of six months. Along the way you’ll notice that the symptoms will become less visible and the pain will decrease in intensity. Also, as part of natural treatment for migraine, bisedes Jala Neti (the name of nasal irrigation procedure) you can do  acupuncture and drink plenty of water to make sure the body is hydrated. As I said, breathing is very important for our human body, so take care of that aspect.

     About neti pot, I can say you that it’s not a big investment, given that you can use long after the purchase. Before use neti, please read articles How does it works? and Benefits from the menu About Neti Pot. In conclusion, drink plenty of fluids, irrigate your nose with a neti pot, and step by stept, the migraine symptoms will disappear.