How to get rid of snoring?



     Whether we like it or not, everyone snores at some point. Even if we refer to our person or to a close friend, snoring can give us trouble because it’s directly affect how we the rest. As with any disease, to treat snoring, you should first understand why it occurs. A main cause of snoring is age, because with aging, the neck becomes narrower and the muscle tone decreases. Also, men have narrower throats than women, which is why they are more likely to suffer from this condition. Another leading cause of snoring, are medical problems of the sinuses.


       How to treat snoring? For the beginning, if you are among smokers, you should quit this habit or at least reduce the number of smoked cigarettes. Another important step is to maintain our body weight within normal limits, as was demonstrated that overweight people are more prone to this condition. If your snoring problems are created by medical sinus problems, then it is best to consult an ENT doctor, or try an alternative herbal treatment thereof.

        As a first step, you can try to treat snoring using inhaltions, that will help to drain your nasal passages. Boil two liters of water, add 4 drops of peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil and pine oil and then inhale the steam through your nose. In the whole time, make sure that your head is covered with a towel. You can also treat the snoring problems by using a Neti Pot, a jar with Indian origins, which is used for irrigating the nasal airway with saline solution. It’s easy to use it, economical and very healthy. You just need warm water (see section “Water for Neti Pot”),  unprocessed salt and of course, a neti pot. This procedure is used for hundred years to treat various ENT and gave results even when treating migraines or headaches. To better understand how a neti pot works, I invite you to document with the heading “About Neti Pot”. You will discover there the history of this procedure, what are the benefits and especially how these vessels are manufactured.

            If you choose to treat your snoring by using a neti pot, you must understand that the results will start to appear after a few weeks and not after the first use, but will be long term result. When we are using a neti pot, we help to decongestant our nasal passages, and that leads to a easier breathing and indirectly, it’s preventing snoring. Although at first glance may seem a little unreal that a so small vessel can help us to escape from such a big problem, you should know that this is possible. Yogis use neti pot just because they provide a healthy and a slight breathing, and in yoga, this is associated with a healthy and positive thinking. In conclusion, the neti pot can be an herbal alternative treatment of snoring.