We may or may not accept, depression falls into the category of serious and difficult to treat diseases. More serious, is the fact that in recent years, depression experienced a significant increase, affecting all age groups. In order to break through to depression, we must understand the reasons that brought us to it. How can you tell if you or a close friend, are depressed? Usually, the main symptoms of depression are anxiety, persistent sadness, feelings of hopelessness, constant state of fatigue, reduced ability of concentration, suicidal thoughts, irritability and low self-esteem.

     The first step in treating depression is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. A walk in the park, the natural light exposure, a family meal and sleep schedule, can help you think more positively. Another step in treating depression is yoga. As you know, more and more personalities and ordinary people, have introduced yoga into your daily routine just because it helps them better manage the various situations they are exposed.


    Yoga – the ancient Indian translate this word as a union between mind and body and is true that is more than a sports technique. When you feel that negative thoughts take hold of your mind, try Child’s Pose  or Balasana, as it is known in yoga. It connects the earth with your body and helps you to be more humble. Another yoga move that works when you’re tense, is Cat pose or Marjariasana position. This should be carried out in several stages in order to arrive at the correct position.

    Of course, easier to get rid of depression, is to seek help of a psychotherapist and follow a medication tratament, which often, you can add yoga sessions. It says, that our mind is able of many things, even to cure serious diseases, but it is important for us to allow this to happen. In the battle with depression, we must strive to be as positive as we can, getting out of bed, and instead of a negative thought, we can say loud  „What a wonderful day it will be today!”  Everything depends on us, that’s yoga teach us. Another thing that you learn from yoga, is that  healthy breathing, helps us have a peaceful and healthy life. Also, yoga teach us about jala neti procedure, a technique of nasal saline irrigation. To irrigate nasal passages, you need a vessel with an ergonomically shape, called neti pot. Using this procedure, proved to be very beneficial for mood and general health.

Yoga is a pleasant and approachable remedy in treating depression. During yoga exercises, the production of endorphins is stimulated and seratonin levels in the blood is increased, so that explains the slightly euphoric condition that occurs at the end of a yoga class. Incidentally, a famous American psychiatrist, Mark Gold, says it is impossible to suffer from depression when you’re practicing yoga.

As a result, if you or a friend, are suffering from depression, recommended them as treatment, many yoga sessions and help him replace negative thoughts with positive great thoughts.