What is asthma? It is a disease that has experienced accelerated growth in recent years and is more often associated with the pollution. Asthma, manifests itself by breathlessness, wheezing and chest tightness, all this is due to the inflammation of the respiratory tract. For example, if the disease is not controlled, the airways are very sensitive to changes in the environment, at which time an asthma crisis can occur.

    Currently, 300 million people worldwide are affected by asthma, most of them are children. Asthma symptoms may differ from person to person, but the most common are coughing, wheezing, chest tightness, difficulty breathing during the night and even breathing problems when there are large temperature differences. It is very important to understand that it’s not necessary to have all the symptoms typical to think of asthma. Some people may experience coughing or wheezing only. If you experience any of the symptoms of asthma, but when you go to the doctor everything looks okay, it is recommended to tell him what you’re dealing with, so he can help you. Also, you should understand that asthma symptoms are not permanent, so after a few tough days may follow months or years in which the disease progresses in a latent state. That does not mean that you have healed but that should take care of personal health.


    We can keep asthma under control using natural treatments? Absolutely yes! Maybe you heard about nasal irrigation, an old but very effective procedure. This helps the body to get rid of irritants and infections that often end up in our nasal passages. Nasal passages contain small hair structure who acts like a filter, blocking bacteria, viruses and dirt who wants to enter into the human body. If our system filter is not cleaned frequently, it becomes inefficient and in time, appears problems such as thickening of mucus, which can lead to sinusitis and can create problems to the asthma patients

    How to do effective nasal irrigation? The simplest method of nasal irrigation is with a neti pot, a pot originate from ancient India. You need boiled or filtered warm water and salt. Attention, add salt only to get the salinity of 1%, equivalent to the amount of salt in the blood. It is also important that the salt not be iodized and processed. Then you bend down so your chin and forehead are about the same level the ground, and insert the neti pot spout into one nostril, tilt the head slightly so that water starts to flow.  You will feel neti pot water will flow through the other nostril sinus and then will flow through it. Meanwhile, breathe through your mouth. Before changing nostrils, blow your nose gently, so that any remaining water are removed. If after using the neti pot still feel blocked nasal mucus channel, repeat the process until the nose is clean.

   How can you help this procedure if you are one of the 300 million patients with asthma ? As I said, our channels nose acts as a filtration system. In other words, if you frequently clean the system, it becomes more efficient and the body will get fewer bacteria and dirt that will make you problems. I propose a test: use for 4 weeks a neti pot for nasal irrigation, perform daily jala neti and you will convince yourself about its benefits. To use it properly, I recommend you read the article “How neti pot works ?” in the menu “About Neti Pot”.