Are you always tired? Causes and solutions for a better overall condition!


How many times have you ever heard frequently at work or on the street, people who complain of fatigue? How many times have you happened to wake up more tired than you were when you put to sleep? When we became so tired and what causes this general feeling of weakness, and how can we treat it? The causes are multiple, from insufficient sleep hours, and up to inadequate nutrition. The most common cause for tiredness, is the low level of minerals and vitamins, especially B12 and D. However, before you make a diagnosis alone, ask the opinion of a doctor because sometimes, general fatigue can hide serious illnesses, like cancer.   Another contributing thet cause installation of tiredness, is depression. It comes with a high dose of negativity and thoughts that  squeeze every trace of energy from our body and lead us to apathy. A solution for those who are suffering from depression, is performing physical exercise daily, for at least 30 minutes. During exercise, your brain secretes endorphins, also known as happiness molecules, and that makes us more optimistic and confident in our forces. Also you can try meditation or yoga. If physical activity is unsuccessful, we should go to a medical treatment because untreated, depression can be a very dangerous disease.

We also need to consider that not always, tiredness disappears after drinking a cup of coffee. On the contrary, excessive coffee drinking lead to dehydration, so eventually fatigue will hit you like a boomerang. As I said, persistent tiredness can hide serious diseases with important impact on our body, so it is recommended to do tests at least once a year. However, if we talk about cases happiest when our body is healthy but nevertheless, we feel permanently tired, it is possible that this is due to apnea, a disorder of breathing during sleep that causes loudly snoring. To get rid of snoring, we can use a neti pot, a little dish with a special form that helps us to do nasal irrigation with saline solution. Nasal irrigation comes with many benefits, including the release of airway and used for a long time, it can help us to get rid of apnea and also get rid of tiredness produced by it.


People worldwide use the neti pot to treat various diseases or for the simple reason that it helps them feel better. You can use nati pot if you have sinusitis, asthma, or if you feel exhausted or if you’re dealing with different breathing problems, especially in winter when colds can give us big headaches. You can learn more about how to use a neti pot and the benefits of it,  by reading the articles  from „About Neti Pot” menu.