The sense of smell


There are people who were born or lost on the time passing, the sense of smell. You will say that is not like a tragedy, that are more serious disease that should be pitied, but if we look at the problem from another point of view, we’ll realize that is not so. Please, imagine that you are one of those people, you are alone at home and there are gas leaking in the kitchen. You can not sense danger, because you’re in the bedroom, and your nose doesn’t help you to smell the leak. Still consider the lack of sense of smell, an insignificant thing? Probably not. What factors affect the sense of smell and how we treat the condition?

In general, people suffering from a disorder of sense of smell, have a reduced ability to distinguish odors and flavors in the air. The most common disorder of sense of smell is hiposomia, when the smell is diminished. There are cases in which a person can lose the total sense of smell, this condition is called anosmia and in recent years there has been a significant increase in reported cases of anosmia. The causes of loss of smell are many, but most often due to disease or injury. Also, the sense of smell can be affected by sinus infections, nasal polyps, infections or hormonal disorders untreated ENT. Another category prone to problems with the sense of smell, are diabetics because they are prone to neuropathy, a complication characterized by nerve damage, including nerve terminal in the nasal region. You must also be careful and deficiencies of vitamin B12, because it can lead to loss of sense of smell.


The sense of smell can be regained? Yes, it depends on the causes that led to its loss. For example, if you lose the ability to smell, after a drug treatment, all you have to do is adjust the treatment so that the sense of smell should not be affected. Then, you have the surgical option and not least, natural treatments. If you have problems with the sense of smell, try using a neti pot for a period. It is a vessel with an ergonomic shape that allows the irrigation of the nasal airway with saline solution. This procedure is called Jala neti and is native to India and used particularly among those who are practicing yoga. They say a clean breath leads to a healthy and happy life.

Nasal irrigation with saline solution, proved very effective among people who suffer from sinusitis, migraine, various ENT iseases but also for those who wanted to adopt a more natural lifestyle. What is it and how we use a neti pot? What are the benefits of using a neti pot? In what condition a neti pot could help us? Who has used neti pot? These are questions to be answered in the main menu items.

So if you are one of those who encounter various difficulties related to the sense of smell, you can try using a neti pot for a period of six months, while you do various tests to assess progress of your smell problem.