The importance of breathing through the nose

respirat pe nas

  Have you ever wondered how it is right to breathe? Through the mouth or through the nose? If so, then surely you found out the correct answer, breathe through your nose. Why? Because when you breathe through your nose, air is moisted, heated and filtered by the sinuses, and that it is pleasing our lungs. The sinuses produce mucus to trap particles contaminated and if you breathe through your mouth, this filter of our body becomes inoperative.

   If we look carefully around us, we’ll find out that more than 30-40% of the population breathes through the mouth, whether we are talking about people who are running, sleeping or standing still. In the past, these people were considered abnormal and is not a joke that in some dictionaries, the one who breathes through the mouth have as a synonymous, the word “imbecile“. It is helpful for your health to breathe through the nose, because it was demonstrated that the mouth breathing, can aggravate many conditions such as headache, snoring, morning fatigue syndrome or dry mouth. Also, children who breathe through the mouth, are more exposed to respiratory infections, asthma and various allergies.

   If you are one of those who prefer to breath through your mouth, then most likely you have a high risk of encountering problems such as oxygen reduced cell and organ tissues, constrict of blood vessels, anxiety, sleep problems, stress, muscle tension various infections and hormonal disturbances.

   The benefits of nose breathing are multiple, but most importantly it helps us to use our nitric oxide generated by sinuses. Nitric oxide acts as a neurotransmitter that helps rapid transmission of information. Just as dopamine gives a state of happiness to our brains, nitric oxide has a calming effect on the body, causing blood vessels relax and widen. In other words, when we breathe through the mouth, we lose all the benefits that brings to our body, the nitric oxide. Buteyko, a famous doctor, said that the mouth is created to drink, eat and talk, otherwise, it should stay closed.

   If you belong to the category of people who’s not preferring nose breathing, make an effort and change this aspect. Enforce yourself with some breathing exercises. For example, you can start to draw air through the nose for six seconds and then hold your breath 24 seconds, then breathe out for 12 seconds. If you want to breathe through your nose, but you can not because of a cold, allergy or whatever leads to clogging of the airways, I recommend you to try nasal irrigation with saline solution. It is a procedure that is performed easily, is beneficial for the body and can be inserted into the daily hygiene routines of everyone. For this you just need a neti pot, a pot which comes from India and was specifically built for nasal irrigation. You will notice after the first use, that nose breathing is not going to be such a challenge. More details about how to use and what benefits can neti pot brings for you, will find in the menu „About neti pot”. In the end, I remind you to breathe through your nose and keep your mouth just for talk and eat.