How to breathe correctly?  

    In our everyday life, there are some rules that must be followed: wake up, wash our face and teeth, have breakfast and run to work, pay attention to pedestrian crossings, work, take lunch, work again, go  home, have dinner and then spend your free time at leisure. But what if I tell you that there are some rules about breathing? You know  how to breathe correctly? Few know that an incorrect breathing leads to slow blood circulation and ultimately to poor oxygenation of tissues and organs, which is why we feel tired and flabby, even though we have enough sleep.


     Maybe, for some of you will sound like a SF claim that a proper breathing, deep and controlled, can help us fight the stresses from our life. Did you know that all yoga’s specialists say that if we learn to breathe correctly, we can better manage our emotions and we can ward off negative energies. Also, using breathing, we can fix the back pain and we can rejuvenate the skin’s appearance, because proper breathing leads to the release of endorphins, generally known as the hormone of happiness.

     And now, back to the question: You know how to breathe correctly? If not, you will learn pretty quickly. For starters, you should know that inhalation must proceed from the stomach, rise to the chest, lifting the entire diaphragm. To learn this process and perceive it in a more natural way, it is advisable to do a few simple exercises at the beginning. The first exercise that I recommend, is inspired by yoga and can be performed wherever you are, whenever you feel overwhelmed by stress or simply want to feel better. The main benefit of this exercise is that it favors balancing energy flow and provides better oxygenation of the brain. So, the first exercise for those who want to learn to breathe properly, starts like that: press the right nostril with the thumb and inhale through the left nostril only slowly. Then do the same movement changing nostrils. Repeat the exercise for 10 times.

    The second exercise for proper breathing, starts by crossing the  legs and covering your ears with your hands. Breathe slowly and deeply and exhale with mouth half-open, trying to imitate a sound, like a buzz. Try to lengthen the exhalation process as much as possible and repeat the exercise 5 times.

    It is said that when we are born, we know how to breathe properly, but we lose this ability with the stress and lifestyle that maturity brings into our lives. It is important to understand that proper breathing can help us to maintain our healthy cardiovascular system and brain function at full capacity. Oxygen is essential to us, human beings, and breathing properly, can make the difference between a sick person and a healthy one. Today, try to breathe properly! It costs nothing.