How Neti Pot works?

   How does the neti pot work? Very simple. You need boiled or filtered warm water,  salt enought to get the salinity of 1%, equivalent to the amount of salt in the blood. It is also important for that the salt not to be iodized and processed. Then you bend down so your chin and forehead are about the same level from the ground, and insert the neti pot spout into one of the nostril, tilt the head slightly so that water starts to flow. You will feel neti pot water will flow through the other nostril sinus and then will flow through it. Meanwhile, breathe through your mouth. Before changing nostrils, blow your nose gently, so that any remaining water are removed. If after using the neti pot nasal canal still feel blocked by mucus, repeat process until the nose is clean.


   Another important step when you are using neti pot, is to dry your nose after the procedure. You must not neglect this part, especially if you have hight blood pressure. To perform this step correctly, you should lean slightly forward so that the nose points towards the floor. Apply light pressure with your fingers on the nose and then inhale several times on the mouth and exhale through the nose. Then you lift and exhale rapidly 10 times on both nostrils simultaneously, then 10 times in one, and finally both. Why is it important to perfect dry your nose after using the neti pot? Because there is a risk that the remaining water give you cold symptoms and even sinus infections or Eustachian tube problems.

   It is important to note a few issues when using neti pot. For example, you should be careful that the water is always warm and not hot or cold. If the used water is too cold, could appear the risk that the sinuses will contract, which would lead to long-term discomfort. You must also be careful that the water in the neti pot is not too salty because of the risk of causing irritation to the nasal mucosa. Very important to note is the fact that in the winter is not recommended to go out  immediately after you used neti pot. When using neti pot for the first time, some people can feel an upset sinuses, both during the procedure and shortly after. No need to worry if you are among them, as these symptoms are perfectly normal and in time, the nose gets used to the procedure.

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   About the neti pot, I can tell you that it only brings benefits when it’s used properly and it is the right choice for people who have decided to adopt a more natural lifestyle. It is the right solution for those who have frequent problems with sinusitis, asthma and allergies, whether seasonal or permanent. A neti pot can be the solution to problems that medicine today has not yet solved.