How is made?

   Over the time, mankind has tried by all means to carry through time and to transmit to future generations, crafts inherited from ancestors. Some occupations seem to live their last moments of glory, others are forgotten under the weight of time and indifference while the elders from Romania’s villages are trying to teach their sons and grandsons crafts such as pottery. Pottery, appears to be older than humanity itself. For thousands of years people from across the globe competed in the manufacture of pottery, giving shape and colors of the material from which it is said that God, created the man.


   Although you think that anyone can build a clay pot, you have to understand that things are not that simple. A clay pot doesn’t come out if you spin the wheel and knead the clay in your hands! You got to have grace and patience, to invest time, love and passion because the pottery is an art, and that requires sacrifices.

   In the past, our ancestors spun the wheel with their foot, today technology comes to simplify the things. Today, the potters wheels are equipped with small motors that allow the feet to rest while the hands are working. To smooth the clay, besides his hands, the craftsman uses a comb wood, wood that is quite humidity resistant. To shape beautiful vessel, the potter uses a piece of animal skin, known in the language of the Romanian people, as „Potlog”. Once you have shaped the vessel, the next step is the drying process. This must be extremely slow so the clay pot walls do not crack.

   Once dried, the clay pots are all colored and painted with so much talent and cleverness, as when they were formed. Then comes the burning of clay pots in the oven, for 15 to 16 hours. It is a process that requires attention, but the most skilled potters know that the dishes are ready when the  shards which are placed above, are white without any trace of soot. Someone is always on guard  so the fire is not too hard, because this would break the clay pots and all work would be in vain.

   Thus arises a handmade ceramic neti pot. It’s not an easy work, but the results are amazing and it’s satisfying when you see that the fruit of your work, brings health and happiness into people’s houses, people that you don’t know, but who have the opportunity to meet some part of you, through your work, the ceramic pot.