History of Neti Pot

Over the time, the incredible India continued to amaze us with its rich cultural and nonconformiste techniques, which have often proved to be more effective than those used by the modern man. Also from India, comes the main character of this blog, the neti pot, a vessel with a slightly strange form that can be  very helpful in cold winters, to cure sinusitis or other breathing problems. The neti pot  origin is in ancient India and is the oldest practice of nasal irrigation. In fact, the name comes from Sanskrit and means “nasal cleansing”.


   Neti pot, has a very important role in yoga, because it’s said that a clean breath leads to a pure thought. In other words, yoga adepts, say that when you cleanse your nose, you pass much easier over addictions, depression and the things that displease you.  You should know about this neti pot, that it has been used for centuries by Ayurvedic medicine to treat sinus infections, which is why it still enjoys success.

   Although at first, Westerners have been reticent to neti pot, in the last 20 years, things have changed and today it’s enjoying a real success, especially since big names in showbiz, like Oprah, spoke and promoted this technique. Now is very popular and is a great help for people suffering from allergic and non-allergic rhinitis. Regular use of a neti pot, prevents the growth of bacteria and allergens, and those problems are solved naturally, without the risk of developing a dependence on drops recommended by pharmaceutical companies.


  If for Westerners, neti pot is another way to get rid of some health problems or simply a trend, for Indian people has a deeper meaning. It’s an important step in maintaining the dosha kapha balance, a model of energy in Ayurveda medicine, which states that over a day, the body goes through a series of changes. Nasal washes performed using neti pot, prepare the body for meditation and prayer, which is why it has become popular among those who have adopted a holistic lifestyle.

  In other words, if for 5000 years, yogis have trusted and integrated the neti pot in their daily practices, this was due to the benefits, so we could follow their example. A neti pot is not recommended only for those who have health problems, but can also be used by those who decided to adopt a healthier lifestyle, especially for those who will no longer want to depend on the pharmaceutical industry. In the same way that we take care of our ears, we must take care of our nose and breathing system.