Do you need neti pot?

     How do you know that you need a neti pot? What are the symptoms that should make you think about the health of your respiratory system? First of all, if you get used to breathe only through your mouth,  because your nose is always stuffy (or for other reasons), obviously, you need a neti pot. Another thing that should be considered is the nowadays pollution, because our nose is not designed to filter a large number of particles and chemicals. In this case is recommended to use a neti pot once a week to clean your “filtering system” and make it more effective.

     You need neti pot, when daily stress breaks you down. You fail to get organized, you don’t rest enough, you’re off from activities that once brought you great happiness and your job gives you headaches? What can you do? Well, for a long time, yogis felt that a clean, healthy breathing, was the key for a clear thinking. So for the begining, take in mind that if your nose is unclogged,  your breath can operate at normal rates. Also, there are studies showing that, in time, the use of a neti pot, it’s helping you to get rid of dark circles under the eye.

     You need neti pot during winter, when colds and flu appears. Nobody wants besides a cold, a runny nose, because that comes with headaches and sleepless nights. It is possible that during a serious cold, jala neti procedure will not work on the first try, which is why we recommend to repeat the procedure. You can read more about the benefits and how does a neti pot helps you, in the “About Neti Pot” menu.