Benefits of using Neti Pot


   The benefits of using neti pot, are so obvious. One of the most important is that it removes all the mucus and impurities from the nose and leads to a state of immediate relief. It is also important to mention that it helps drain the sinus and thus te mechanisms  defense of the body are reprogrammed. People who used the neti pot, got rid of from serious problems such as sinusitis, allergies or inflammation of the tonsils and adenoids. Also, if you have problems with asthma or bronchitis, neti pot will improve and in time, will solve the problem.

   One of the less mentioned benefit of neti pot less mentioned, is it the soothing and cooling effect that has on the brain by reducing excessive heat which leads to the elimination of migraines and headaches. Those who practice yoga believe that neti pot is also recommended for those suffering from hysteria, epilepsy, depression, psycho-emotional and mental tensions different. Also, about neti pot I can tell you that it is helpful to persons who have eye problems. Given that it helps clean tearing channels, the eyes become brighter and the view is improved.

   It is helpful in various ear problems such as middle ear infections, ears ringing or plugged ears. If you are using neti pot frequently, you’ll see a considerable improvement in the sensitivity of the olfactory nerve, which leads to restoration of sense of smell, from which will benefit the sense of taste. As I said, neti pot harmonizes emotional behavior, due to the effects it has on the pituitary gland. If you are a person who frequently practice Yoga, using neti pot, can help you achieve some particular states in meditation, helping to stimulate a better concentration and visualization. Neti pot is effective and among those who want to quit smoking because it reduces the tendency to breathe through the mouth.

  Benefits of neti pot are not recognized only by people who have tried it, but also by respected institutions such as the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Wisconsin, who conducted a study to test the efficacy of nasal irrigation. The group of people chosen for the test, consisted of patients with different otorhinolaryngology problems and sinusitis. Each subject participant to the test, conducted neti procedure for six months, every day. Finally, the researchers compared the test group with another group who had tested neti pot nasal irrigation and found that it decreased the symptoms of sinus problems and their associates, without the use of medications and nasal sprays. Another interesting study was conducted at the School of Medicine of the University of San Diego, California. This time, the study involved 211 people with severe respiratory problems and as a comparison, were used 20 healthy people. Both groups used neti pot for six weeks and in the end, it was found that in the first group the symptoms were improved and in the healthy group, an overall improvement of health was found .

  As a conclusion, no matter whether sinusitis gives you headaches or simply you’re just a healthy man who wants to live his life in a healthy way, neti pot can help in both cases.